Time Capsule

Applying some rapid finger movements at Silence as part of the Guelph Jazz Festival
Giving Antonio Vivaldi's Four Seasons a twist with the Kyle Brenders Quartet and Quartet 21

Original (Sun-Ra) Arkestra members Danny Ray Thompson and Marshall Allen!
We're ready for you SlowPitch. Images Festival (Toronto)

Took a trip to the Moma PS1 (NYC) to check out MOONDANCE. Bumped into Palaceer Lazaro

New Harbours Series | Hamilton Ontario

creeping out of the colour at the Metropolis Montreal | Mute

About to let my sounds fly in Adelaide Australia.
Such a beautiful morning! Clandestino Festival. (Sweden)

The breakfast view. Clandestino Festival (Sweden)
Lovely vibes. Such an amazing time! Clandestino Festival. (Sweden)
Sound Checked and ready for Mutek. BIG SOUND in the Metropolis.

Wait for meeee!...(Amsterdam)

A lazy stroll down the road. (Amsterdam)

Mysterious sunset. (Berlin)

Night light scratching. (Toronto)

All set to perform a live score. Harbourfront Centre. (Toronto)

At the Chanberfest in Ottawa as iNSiDEaMiND with the Evergreen Club Contemporary Gamelan.

The turntable has come a long way.
in a zone at the Clandestino Festival. Botnik Studios (Sweden)

The SlowPitch ninja!

Where some of the magic happens :)
A fantastic mix. Turntables and Gamelan in Hudson (Quebec)

At the Gardiner Museum. (Toronto)