Emoralis 2013

An imaginative live audio visual performance by SlowPitch and Wifihifiscifi | PREMIERING April 11th. 2013 at the Images Festival (Toronto)

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Emoralis is a study in symmetry and a field for your imagination to discover new species. Emoralis is a live audiovisual adventure that equally combines organic sound, nature and futurism. It is a tribal inspired visual wonderland, transforming the known to the unknown. A place where magical faces appear and snails glide into a magical abyss with a euphoric musical score that provides morphing sonic textures via exquisite turntable composition and live performance.

Emoralis started as a simple task, protect the garden by removing any unwanted visitors. A curiosity soon turned into an obsession and the shelled creatures that moved like liquid became the stars of a visual experiment. Emoralis is a live 30 minute AV production. It includes a live score by animated turntable composer/performer SlowPitch (Cheldon Paterson) and visuals by Wifihifiscifi (Vanese Smith).   The visuals also include live performance close ups of SlowPitch’s  actions as there is a camera on stage.  The production is suitable for all ages.

There is also an option for SlowPitch to do a 30 minute live turntable performance demonstration sharing his unique improvisation and creation techniques, giving a few adventurous audience members a chance to participate.


Using the turntable creatively to explore sound has been the forefront of Cheldon Paterson’s entire adult life.  Turntable composition, live performance and improvisation have been key elements whether performing solo, with culturally diverse classical musicians or scoring silent films with the turntable band he co-founded iNSiDEaMiND.  He has been awarded grants from the Toronto, Ontario and Canadian Arts Councils and thrives on creating musical environments that play on your senses and challenge your receptors. He has produced a handful of releases, the latest of which will include highlights from the Emoralis score on Montreal based Phonosaurus Records (2013).

The visual and musical mediums provide the backbone to Vanese Smith’s creative soul.  In the past jumping from one format to the other, currently Vanese has made a huge effort to combine the two.  After providing visuals for a few of her international live performances as electronic music alias Pursuit Grooves, her film degree roots reared its head again.  Her preference being for animation, documentary and experimental video concepts mixed with a fondness for all things natural and psychedelic.  Emoralis takes Vanese back to her zoologist aspirations as a kid and proves that weird fascinations can open wonderful pathways.

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