REPLCMNT is my first offering to the world under the recording name SlowPitch. Using my main instrument of over 10 years, the turntable, accompanied by field recordings and processed voice, I deliver a heavy dose of crackly textures, turntable wobbles and uniquely mesmerizing drones to create lush audio landscapes.

On this effort I touch on the concept of Human vs Technology with pieces such as "Mind Ctrl", "Subtract Attention Span" and "No Turning Back".

REPLCMNT is available NOW


REVIEW by: The Upstate Soundscape
Since experimental turntabilsm’s inception with John Cage’s “Imaginary Landscape No. 1” in 1939 most turntablism of this nature has been dominated by avant-garde artists who adopted the turntable and/or records as instruments because of their ability to provide unconventional and aesthetically intriguing sounds. Toronto’s SlowPitch, on the other hand, sounds instead like an actual DJ that has been schooled in traditional turntablism and who has now progressed naturally into experimental territory after mastering the tools of the disc jockey’s trade. Read more......

REVIEW by: Textura
The term “turntable artist” is thrown around pretty loosely, but in SlowPitch's case the term is legimately applied. The turntable has been Cheldon Paterson's instrument of choice for more than ten years, so for all intents and purposes it's come to function as a natural extension—prosthetic, if you will—of the Toronto-based experimentalist. Read more.....